Who We Are

Reigniting a passion for learning.

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Who We Are

Reigniting a passion for learning.

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What makes us so special?

You get a team! -  

Wired Minds Tutoring, LLC is more than a tutoring center.  Not only do we exist to excite students about learning, but each instructor is an integral part of our team, which makes our instruction that much better for your student!  Just as iron sharpens iron, we work together to improve each other, and to improve your student.  Rarely does a week go by where one of our instructors is not receiving input or working to become a better teacher.  At Wired Minds, you don't just get an amazing tutor, you get a team of them!

How it all started - 

Barry Horst started teaching in 2002. During his years in the classroom, he adapted many teaching and instructional techniques to his own style until he developed something that really stood out. He noticed that his 2nd grade students scored much higher on standardized tests than their projected grade level; some even surpassed every other grade in the school!


“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”  - Albert Einstein 


Our Mission - Passion for learning

In 2008 Barry started Wired Minds Tutoring, LLC to reignite a passion for learning in the hearts and minds of local students.  

We believe all students can learn - they just need a little boost sometimes!

Our Philosophy - The 4 E's

ENGAGE -Our instructors truly care about their students, and they engage them while teaching. (This helps put students at ease and enhance learning!)

EQUIP -Our instructors provide their students with knowledge and proven methods for retention.  

ENCOURAGE -After students meet with their instructors, they know for a fact that they not only know the material at hand but often what will be coming down the pipeline! Knowing that they not only possess a mastery of the material but also are ahead of their class is so encouraging for students!

EMPOWER -After students have learned the material and developed strategies for retention, they are empowered to move beyond our services and tackle school on their own!  (We're always here if you still need us.)

We owe our success first of all to God who has gifted every instructor here with a passion for teaching. Second to that, we attribute our success to our undying pursuit of excellence.

In the tutoring field, it is not enough to be good at what you do. To help our students succeed and excel, we must have the best instructors that can be found anywhere.

We have all of our instructors undergo training and observations every quarter.

We have become the leader in extra-curricular education in Greenville by setting a standard of excellence. Other centers must now meet our standard of care and passion. Some have tried to copy some of our ideas and techniques and that's ok!  In the end it is the student who reaps the benefit!


What We Do


What We Do


Helping exceptional minds become just that!  Exceptional!


Wired Minds offers tutoring across a wide range of subjects. We have grown this business from the ground up by providing the absolute best tutoring services to the Greenville community.  Super grades are not our only business at Wired Minds. We exist to reignite a passion for learning and help students reach their potential - both in academics and character.



Helping driven minds become more successful

Proper preparation for College Prep tests is key to achieving a higher score. At Wired Minds Tutoring, LLC we are so confident in our SAT Prep class that we guarantee improvement in test scores!! Our unique methods ensure that our students will be able to solve SAT or ACT questions confidently and quickly by using an amalgam of strategies, critical thinking skills and proven methods for problem solving. Our in-depth familiarity with the SAT and the testing structure allows us to have insight on how to effectively assist your student in attaining the best possible score.  We know that our SAT or ACT Prep courses will help equip our students with the skills, strategies and knowledge they need to further increase their potential. 

After School

Helping curious minds find structure

We understand that at times homework can be the bane of a family’s evening - we're here to help.

Our program is special.  We care about our students, and we hold them accountable.  We check their assignment books daily, but we don't stop there; we also check their Parent Portal to ensure completed assignments are turned in on time and that quiz or test scores are what we (and you) expect.  

All in all, for a cost of $95 per week, it’s a pretty good deal.  Our students actually want to come to our program, and a few have even asked to come when there is no school!  We interact with and encourage our students and even call them by their names! (Not “hey you!”).

Summer Camps

Helping wired minds not atrophy 

Johns Hopkins has shown in their studies that most every student loses more than 2 months of knowledge over the summer.

We keep minds active all summer long as well as imagination and bodies. We have evolved our camps into a program that incorporates learning, reviewing, exercise and activities that most children won't get to do ever!  Camps will be broken into small learning blocks punctuated with games, physical activity and messy pursuits!  We have full day camps that will rejuvenate stagnant minds and rev up already fit minds! We also provide half day camps as well.  You have the opportunity for your student to be in a safe location, learn great things and enjoy it!


Why You'll Love Us

7 reasons, and a few reviews.


Why You'll Love Us

7 reasons, and a few reviews.

We are not your average tutoring company.

From the moment you walk through our doors you will notice that Wired Minds is different. Our center is unique.  Everything about the Wired Minds experience lets you know: (1) We are committed to your child; (2) we are a professional team of instructors who are driven to further your student; and (3) we are dedicated to producing results.

Our mission is simple.

We strive to reignite a passion for learning and wire minds for success!  We don't aspire to change the world - just your child.  At Wired Minds, we stress growth in academics AND character because how you do your (school) work can often reflect how you live your life.

Every student is different.

We are committed to the principle that every student who walks into our center is unique and gifted in some manner.  While there are no doubt similarities among students, students have different methods of learning and processing information. They also have different backgrounds and life experiences.  All of these factors need to be taken into account when guiding a student towards a particular learning outcome.

We use a variety of approaches.

We take a multi-pronged approach in how we teach. We work closely with teachers, parents, students, other staff and sometimes even other experts outside of Wired Minds! You will see us using new, cutting edge techniques, proprietary methods and creative approaches for reaching each and every student we have. We stop at nothing until we see results!

We have the best instructors. Period.

Since our teachers are the heart of our program, we have taken great care to ensure that they are the best. Our hiring process is rigorous, but we don’t stop there; in fact, that is where we begin. We expose all of our teachers to a training program that never ends. We believe that all of our staff, from the director to any new hire, benefits from continued evaluation and training.  We even do things together like mud runs!

We have a world-class facility.

We think you’ll agree. You have never seen a tutoring center quite like Wired Minds. We work out of a multi-story, state-of-the-art building filled with classrooms and students who actually WANT to be here! We love our center, and you will too!

We may not be the cheapest game in town, but the overwhelming majority of our parents believe we are WELL worth it!

Excellence in education is expensive.  We try our best to make it worth every penny. However, we understand that sometimes life makes it hard for you to afford quality tutoring.  So to help you out, we offer financing plans to help you meet your budget along with a limited number of scholarships for those in especially dire straights.

Don’t take our word for it; click on the "Pride" link above to see what others have said!

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