What makes us so special?

We Care!  

Wired Minds Tutoring, LLC is more than a tutoring center.  Not only do we exist to excite students about learning, but each instructor is an integral part of our team, which makes our instruction that much better for your student!  Just as iron sharpens iron, we work together to improve each other, and to improve your student.  Rarely does a week go by where one of our instructors is not receiving input or working to become a better teacher.  At Wired Minds, you don't just get an amazing tutor, you get a team of them, and they all care deeply about each student's success!

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”
— Albert Einstein


Our Mission - Passion for learning

How it all started:

Barry Horst started teaching in 2002. During his years in the classroom, he adapted many teaching and instructional techniques to his own style until he developed something that really stood out. He noticed that his 2nd grade students scored much higher on standardized tests than their projected grade level; some even surpassed every other grade in the school!

In 2008 Barry started Wired Minds Tutoring, LLC to reignite a passion for learning in the hearts and minds of local students.  

We believe all students can learn - sometimes they just need a little boost!

Our Philosophy - The 5 E's

    • Our instructors truly care about their students, and they engage them while teaching. (This helps put students learn more effectively!)
    • Our instructors provide their students with knowledge and field proven methods for retention.  
    • After students meet with their instructors, they know for a fact that they not only understand the material at hand but often what will be coming down the pipeline! We don't know about you, but we think that's pretty encouraging!
    • If you think about it, there really is no such thing as thinking "outside the box".  Not this side of Heaven at any rate.  One can, however, enlarge their "box" and understand more than they ever though possible.  Yup!  That's what we help students do!
    • After students have learned the material and developed strategies for retention, they are empowered to move beyond our services and tackle school on their own! (This is a REALLY bad business model - to constantly work ourselves out of a job, but, we've been in business since June of 2008, so we must be doing something right!)

We owe our success first of all to God who has gifted every instructor here with a passion for teaching. Second to that, we attribute our success to our undying pursuit of excellence.

In the tutoring field, it is not enough to be good at what you do. To help our students succeed and excel, we must have the best instructors that can be found anywhere.  Period.  It's evident that they are here!  

We are NOT a chain!  That makes us unique.  We aren't housed in a tiny space in a strip mall.  Our students not only get the instructors they deserve, but also a building that tells them - "YOU are special! You are unique!  You deserve the best."

We have become the leader in extra-curricular education in Greenville by setting a standard of excellence. Other centers must now meet our standard of care and passion. Some have tried to copy many of our ideas and techniques and that's okay!  In the end it is the student who reaps the benefit!

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