WE WOULDN'T WANT TO GO TO A BORING Educational CAMP, Why should you? 

Our camps are not for the faint of heart.  We push our students hard.  Both academically and physically.  Last year one of our favorite comments made by a parent was "I have really noticed how my son has toned!  You guys are doing a great job!"  That was on top of all of the comments we received once school started saying how happy parents (AND students) were that they had a leg up!


At Wired Minds, we design our camps around what WE would have loved to have done when we were kids.  

In order to design our camps this year, we have to let go.  Let go of what may have worked in the past, let go of what others are doing.  We MUST step out ahead of even ourselves and make things new and exciting!


As adults, we realize that life goes by SO fast - too fast to spend it not doing something productive during the summer.  This summer we'll be slowing things down a bit and instilling a sense of wonder back in the lives of our students.  

We'll do all this while having SO MUCH FUN!

reserve your spot for an unforgettable summer experience!  Your non-refundable $75 goes toward the total cost of camp.