Helping exceptional minds become just that!  Exceptional!


Wired Minds offers tutoring across a wide range of subjects. We have grown this business from the ground up by providing the absolute best tutoring services to the Greenville community.  Super grades are not our only business at Wired Minds. We exist to reignite a passion for learning and help students reach their potential - both in academics and character.



Helping driven minds become more successful

Proper preparation for College Prep tests is key to achieving a higher score. At Wired Minds Tutoring, LLC we are so confident in our SAT Prep class that we guarantee improvement in test scores!! Our unique methods ensure that our students will be able to solve SAT or ACT questions confidently and quickly by using an amalgam of strategies, critical thinking skills and proven methods for problem solving. Our in-depth familiarity with the SAT and the testing structure allows us to have insight on how to effectively assist your student in attaining the best possible score.  We know that our SAT or ACT Prep courses will help equip our students with the skills, strategies and knowledge they need to further increase their potential. 

After School

Helping curious minds find structure and mentoring

We understand that at times homework can be the bane of a family’s evening - we're here to help.

Our program is special.  We care about our students, and we hold them accountable.  We check their assignment books daily, but we don't stop there; we also check their Parent Portal to ensure completed assignments are turned in on time and that quiz or test scores are what we (and you) expect.  

All in all, for a cost of about $100 per week, it’s a pretty good deal.  Our students actually want to come to our program, and a few have even asked to come when there is no school!  We interact with and encourage our students and even call them by their names! (Not “hey you!”).

Summer Camps

Helping wired minds not atrophy 

Johns Hopkins has shown in their studies that most every student loses more than 2 months of knowledge over the summer.

We keep minds active all summer long as well as imagination and bodies. We have evolved our camps into a program that incorporates learning, reviewing, exercise and activities that most children won't get to do ever!  Camps will be broken into small learning blocks punctuated with games, physical activity and messy pursuits!  We have full day camps that will rejuvenate stagnant minds and rev up already fit minds! We also provide half day camps as well.  You have the opportunity for your student to be in a safe location, learn great things and enjoy it!