Do you need a score increase to get more money from scholarships?
Are you searching for that extra boost to get you over your hurdles?
Are your college aspirations unobtainable without a higher score?

"I improved my SAT math score by 140 points!" M.M.

"I got a 35 on my ACT math, and a 36 in English!" M.C.

"My ACT math went up 6 points! And my English went up 9 points!" B.S.

"Thank you for all of your support!  I could not have done this by simply reading a book." C.T.

Proper preparation for College Prep tests is key to better scores.  Our methods ensure that students will be able to solve SAT / ACT questions confidently by using critical thinking skills and proven strategies.

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SAT prep

Our SAT prep offers a unique mix of strategies and Critical thinking skills designed to improve your student's chance of success.   

ACT prep

For each section of the ACT, we teach proven strategies that are unique to the ACT, and skills that improve scores.


Individual Instruction

  • Best for students who can’t make the scheduled classes or who only need to focus on a few points for the test
  • Instructional hours arranged to fit your schedule
  • The advantage of this type of learning is that it is highly focused, individualized and can address the specific areas that are most important to the student.
  • Instruction starting at $65.00 per hour.

Small Group Instruction

  • Be paired with one or more students, pay less and focus on specific topics
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Cost is $50 per hour


Class Instruction

18-Hour SAT Class

  • 9 hours of English and 9 hours of Math
  • Details and practice questions
  • Full explanations of how strategies work for specific questions
  • Entails homework which is then reviewed in class
  • Best for students who need a greater improvement in scores but who don’t have the time to join the longer 45 hour course
  • Cost is $810 and includes 2 books. Want to save some money?  Bring a friend and you both can save!

18-Hour ACT Class

  • 9 hours of English and 9 hours of Math 
  • Content and Strategy Instruction
  • Entails homework which is then reviewed in class
  • Cost is $810

45-Hour SAT/ACT Package - Offered during the Summer & School Breaks

Includes unlimited sessions for a year after the class ends!

  • 22 hours of English instruction, and 23 hours of Math instruction
  • This course covers the tests in great detail but does not include essay instruction. It does include a midterm practice test, a final practice test and reviews of these tests to insure that students’ goals have been met.

  • This class covers everything the shorter classes cover and adds significant guided practice in every aspect of the test with detailed assistance in areas of concern for each student.

  • Since class sizes are limited, great attention can be focused on your student’s areas of need.

  • This class is designed for students who have a fair to good foundation in the content areas of the SAT/ACT but who need guidance in using what they know to address the questions on the tests.

  • This course comes with a guarantee of performance. 

  • Cost: $2,500 and includes 2 books.  Save $50 if you bring a friend.

  • Unlimited 1:1 continued instruction once a week after your sessions end for one whole year!

Want to switch between classes?  No Problem!  We'll credit 50% of your previous class to the new one!  

A $150 nonrefundable deposit reserves your place in one of our classes.

Prices are good for the 2017-2018 school year.  We reserve the right to cancel any class before the start date if not enough students are signed up.


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