Who I am 

  • I love to learn! I love to teach! My passion is to reignite a passion for learning!
  • I graduated with an elementary education degree from Calvin College – a small Dutch Christian Reformed college. I have taught in New Mexico, Michigan and Pennsylvania.
  • I taught in Philadelphia for four years and was the only teacher at my school who never received a negative parental complaint.


What I do at Wired Minds

  • I have the unbelievable privilege of leading an AMAZING team of instructors who have made Wired Minds what it is now known for – excellence!
  • I tutor math. Math is the ONLY subject I tutor. In fact, I love math; I think it’s fun! My wife has even caught me reading a math textbook for fun!
  • I do the website - if you see something you love, chances are good I did it.... the converse is also true, if you hate it, it's probably my fault..... :)
  • I have tutored students of all ages–6 to 28-year-olds–I still hear from many of them.


Fun Facts

  • I used to work out with Philadelphia’s soccer team, the Kixx; Philadelphia’s arena football team, the Soul; and the mascot for the 76ers – his name is Bill.  Bill is funny - he and I used to go to the same church before I moved here to SC.
  • I love the outdoors, adrenaline rushes, and adventure sports. In fact, I once fell 30+ feet while rock climbing and not only survived, but got up to climb again.  I firmly believe God caught me and gently put me on the ground - it was wild!
  • While camping in Michigan, I chopped my finger off with a hatchet (ever wonder why your mom said don't play with those things?!)  My best friend drove me to the hospital at an incredible speed - and you can't tell which digit was almost lost!