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JUNE 18-22

IN-tents math, magic, & more


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  • MATH

    • UNIT conversions

    • rations

    • proportions


    • writING

      • Students will learn to identify context clues and use them in writing


    • magic

    • survival

      • Students will learn Morse Code, how to make a fire and how to survive in different environments

    • camping!

      • Our students have been invited by one of Barry's friends to camp on his 30 acres of woods - let's go!!! 




This week students will be allowed to put into practice what they learned!  We will end the week with a survival camping trip.  The safety of our campers is paramount so there will be plenty of oversight for each camper.   


Prior to our camping trip, students will learn and get to practice their skills needed for thriving in the "wilderness", and what plants to avoid (namely poisonous ones)!

Students will also develop critical math and English skills needed not just for school, but for life.

Lastly, we will have a former student and current magician entertain us, teach us, and inspire us to be magicians in our own right.