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JULY 1-5

Jo Nasty!


Boggs Gross Week.gif

    • disgusting relay races


    • Heart Dissection

      • learn about the cardiovascular system

      • make fake blood from food products

    • make real, fake poop

      • learn about the digestion process

    • Polymers (aka slime)

      • make fake (and maybe real) boogers

  • math

    • input / output tables

    • intro to functions

  • cooking

    • learn to make easy but delicious meals and Snacks

  • games

    • We will be leading students all week in fun competitions


Per Wired Minds' tradition, we have at least one disgusting week of camp yearly - this is it!

This is bound to be the messiest, grossest and downright nastiest learning week we offer. 

Students will take part in activities designed to push their mental and physical limits.  This is a week designed for FUN!  

On the cleaner side, students will learn about solving for variables and algebraic expressions and equations, as well as tie together human digestion to math with inputs and outputs. 

By all means, PLEASE DO NOT wear your Sunday best this week - and you may want a change of clothes or two to keep on site.