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playful prefrontal cortexes




  • playing!

    • a super important method for learning (it's what fuels our camps!)


    • Creative Writing & Imagination development


  • Fitness & exercise


    • Students will learn different strategies and ways to think like their opponent in order to win

  • Physics

    • The physics of why and how quadcopters fly


The ability of children to touch, smell, walk,  climb, explore and even experience has come under fire through the introduction of social media and electronic screens of all shapes, make and model.  Students often now rely on pictures and representations of the world instead of the world itself. Studies have only recently begun to see the amazing benefit of educating kids outside the traditional classroom, and we were pleased to find out that what is recommended is what Wired Minds has been doing for 10 year now!   


This week incorporates some of our most popular topics and special guests.  

Students will be inspired by a local movie extra and storyteller extraordinaire. Paul Pillsbury, a local martial artist, will teach students the very basic forms of self defense and much more.


Students will spend the week primarily outdoors playing, learning, and developing their skills (bring lots of sunscreen!) .

This may be our most popular week.  Make sure you sign up with enough time before there are no slots left!