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August 14-18

A Poetic End to our SUN




Two camps at once!

Students will be split into an intensive Algebra 1 group and a regular Bootcamp for the Brain group.  They will regroup for games, activities, exercise and lunch.  Aside from that, however, there will be very little interaction.  In addition, we are only accepting 7 students in the Algebra portion of this camp.




    • Students will learn about and interact with how solar eclipses are formed

      • (hint: it's not ALWAYS because God is angry with us)
    • Students will create their own solar eclipse viewer to use on the next monday

    • students will learn why even when the sun is eclipsed, it is incredibly dangerous to look at it without proper glasses on!!!  

      • (hint: you'll burn your retinas!!!  DON'T DO IT!!!  LOOK AWAY!!)

    • Writing poetry guided by a young adult author

  • Math

    • Design and sew your own super hero cape!

  • Physics

    • The physics of why and how quadcopters fly


  • INTENSIVE Algebra 1 


  • More IN-DEPTH algebra instruction

    • Students will master the 3 equations of lines

    • students will create graphs INVOLVING inequalities

    • students will explore how slope and rates of change affect a graph

    • students will understand the hows and whys behind solving for variables