In order to keep our expenses lower and allow you to benefit from those lower expenses, we are implementing a convenient policy that simplifies scheduling and payments.

Sessions are available in 6 session groups.  These sessions are scheduled for and paid ahead of time. As a "Thank you" for trying to make all of our lives easier, we give you one free session every time you do this!    

Rescheduling Tutoring  Sessions

  • You may reschedule a session with 24 hours notice.
    • If you make up that session within 7 days you will receive full credit.
    • No credit can be provided if the session is not made up within the 7 day window.  (next week doesn't count as "within"!)  :)
  • We may have to give your timeslot to someone else if you reschedule frequently.

Calling In Sick

  • If you are sick, you may reschedule without 24 hours notice as long as you let us know by 11 AM.

    • Please note, it is extremely important that you let us know by 11 AM or we will be unable to credit the session.  
    • Should you be unable to let us know in time, you may make up the session later - see Missed Sessions below.

Snow Days / Bad Weather

  • We  are here unless we tell you otherwise.
    • Please do not assume we are closed because of the weather.
  • If you must reschedule a session because of the weather forecast, a 2 hour notice is required.
  • If school is canceled due to weather, you must let us know by 11 AM if you need to reschedule.

Missed Session

  • If a session is missed for any of the above reasons, and you were unable to properly cancel,  we offer you the opportunity to make up your session for $35 once your account is current.

Student Changes

  • We will assume any changes made by a student are ok with their parent. 
    • If you would prefer that the student does not have the ability to change their schedule you must let us know.