We are not your average tutoring company.

From the moment you walk through our doors you will notice that Wired Minds is different. Our center is unique.  Everything about the Wired Minds experience lets you know: (1) We are committed to your child; (2) we are a professional team of instructors who are driven to further your student; and (3) we are dedicated to producing results.

Our mission is simple.

We strive to reignite a passion for learning and wire minds for success!  We don't aspire to change the world - just your child.  At Wired Minds, we stress growth in academics AND character because how you do your (school) work can often reflect how you live your life.

Every student is different.

We are committed to the principle that every student who walks into our center is unique and gifted in some manner.  While there are no doubt similarities among students, students have different methods of learning and processing information. They also have different backgrounds and life experiences.  All of these factors need to be taken into account when guiding a student towards a particular learning outcome.

We use a variety of approaches.

We take a multi-pronged approach in how we teach. We work closely with teachers, parents, students, other staff and sometimes even other experts outside of Wired Minds! You will see us using new, cutting edge techniques, proprietary methods and creative approaches for reaching each and every student we have. We stop at nothing until we see results!

We use state of the art technology (better even than the schools' smart board) because sometimes that's what helps students learn.

We use tried and true teaching methods, but also work in collaboration with some educational researchers out of Virginia to offer the best options available.

We have the best instructors. Period.

Since our teachers are the heart of our program, we have taken great care to ensure that they are the best. Our hiring process is rigorous, but we don’t stop there; in fact, that is where we begin. We expose all of our teachers to a training program that never ends. We believe that all of our staff, from Barry, the owner, to any new hire, benefits from continued evaluation and training.  We even do things together like mud runs, ultimate frisbee tournaments, and movie nights!

We have a world-class facility.

We think you’ll agree. You have never seen a tutoring center quite like Wired Minds. We work out of a multi-story, state-of-the-art building filled with classrooms and students who actually WANT to be here! We love our center, and think you will too!

While you can find cheaper Tutors out there, the overwhelming majority of our parents believe we are WELL worth it!

We try our best to make your session worth every penny. However, we understand that sometimes life makes it hard for you to afford quality tutoring.  So to help you out, we offer scholarships for a select few deserving students to help you meet your budget along with a limited number of scholarships for those in especially dire straights.

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