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Why Choose us? 

At Wired Minds, we're not your ordinary tutoring company. We are equipped with exceptional tutors, personalized attention, and a genuine passion for igniting a love for learning. The difference is that we are here for you, not ourselves. You’re the one working each day to support your family, and we want to come alongside you in the mission. Our customized and individual instruction targets specific needs so that every student can feel success and you can have one less thing to worry about.

If you don't see an answer you're looking for (well then we need to do some learning ourselves!)
PLEASE let us know and CONTACT US

  • What makes Wired Minds tutors so special?
    Our tutors are not just ordinary tutors; they're education wizards! Each tutor undergoes rigorous training, possesses exceptional subject knowledge, and has a knack for making learning fun. They're like the secret weapon in your child's academic journey, bringing out the best in them!
  • Are your tutors trained/professionals?
    Most of our tutors are either teachers, retired teachers, or have experience with students in the past long before they ever walk through our doors. After we vet and approve our tutors educational qualifications, we perform a background check before moving forward to our specific Wired Minds training. Our tutors bring their personal and professional skills, and observe another Wired Minds experienced tutor to be sure they understand the Wired Minds methodology before they are able to be listed as a tutor. Our SAT/ACT tutors receive additional training and screening before joining the TESTING team.
  • Do tutors complete a background check?
    Yes! We believe in taking every precaution available to keeping our students and tutors safe. We also have cameras throughout the building to assure students are also giving their best and reciting our best .
  • How exactly can you make the same school content "exciting?"
    We sprinkle a dash of excitement into every tutoring session! From interactive activities to engaging educational games, we believe in making learning an engaging experience - one your learner can actually look forward to! Your child won't even realize they're learning because they'll be having so much fun!
  • Will my child feel overwhelmed with tutoring sessions?
    We sure hope not! Our tutoring sessions are designed to be a perfect balance of learning and enjoyment. We believe in creating a supportive and comfortable environment where your child can thrive. Our tutors are skilled at adapting to each student's pace and making learning an enjoyable adventure! We take care that the approach matches your learner's abilities. But as always, if you have ANY concerns we will address and adapt, so PLEASE let us know!
  • How can Wired Minds help my child with SAT/ACT test preparation?
    We have amazing test-busting strategies up our sleeves! Our SAT and ACT instruction focuses not only on mastering the content but also on time management skills and smart test-taking strategies. We'll help your child soar through those exams like a champion!
  • What payment forms do you accept?
    Cash, check, credit/debit card, paypal. Please reach out to us if you have further questions regarding payments.
  • Do you offer coupons or Multiple student/family discounts?
    Teachers and military personnel receive 10% off, and 1:1 sessions for foster care students are only $35 instead of our normal $70. We also have package discounts available for SAT/ACT tutoring and an SAT group class at a discounted rate.
  • Is there a minimum of lessons I must sign my student up for?
    You can sign up for as many or as few sessions as you like. No child is wired the same, so we do our best to support you and your child's learning needs by making our scheduling options as flexible as possible. Some families come regularly throughout the year, other students only come when they have particularly challenging topics/subjects to work through.
  • What if I just can't afford Wired Minds Tutoring?
    We are passionate about helping students. Although our tutoring seems expensive to some, and parents may choose other companies, we feel our prices provide overall savings in the end. If you have problems with payment or have a specific need, please reach out and we can create a plan together.
  • Do you offer private lessons/tutoring?
    Yes! We offer 1:1 tutoring for each subject and a group class for SAT or ASVAB test prep.
  • Can parents sit in on the lessons?
    We are happy to accommodate parents/guardians as they make sure their child is safe and well-served.
  • What ages do you serve?
    We tutor elementary through college subjects. We are always excited to meet students at every age and place in life.
  • Do you provide snacks in the after-school program.
    Presently we do not offer snacks during our program. We are presently considering possible student allergies and how we may be able to add this to our program. (After all kids get HUNRY after school !!! )
  • Do you work with special needs students?
    We have tutors with a range of certifications and licensure to work with the needs of our amazing students. Check out our TEAM tutors by choosing "special needs" or call us at 864-244-2420 to discuss options.
  • Do you work with behavior issues?
    We have tutors with a range of certifications and licensure to work with the needs of our amazing students. We also have a behavioral analysis and accommodation strategies summer program for students led by a certified Behavior Analyst. Please check our TEAM page and choose "Behavioral" to see present qualified team members. You can also call us at 864-244-2420 to discuss options.
  • Do you work with teachers/schools?
    Many of our tutors are teachers at local schools in the upstate. We have partnered with high schools to offer SAT/ACT workshops, and we are currently a part of multiple SIC boards including elementary, middle, and high schools. We are here to support teachers and work together in supporting our students.

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