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Homeschool Support

Need a safe and focused environment for your homeschooler or e-learner to get their work done?

Wired Minds has served the Upstate for over 16 years through our competent and caring tutors, so let us help! 


9 am - 12 pm

3rd - 12th Graders

$55 per day,

or $100 per week

Pay online or

in - person

Some Helpful Information

We understand...

Homeschooling and e-learning can be overwhelming. Each family is wired uniquely after all, so why should you settle for cookie-cutter education?

Assignment Accountability

We check grades and make sure every student has a game plan. We're here to encourage them to recognize that they can do the work, and that they have a village of support surrounding them in that process. Some organization and a push in the right direction (from someone other than mom and dad) never hurt either.  

Experienced Tutors

Not just anyone can be a tutor at Wired Minds. Many are either current or retired teachers and professors. ALL have gone through background checks, and ALL priortize the education and safety of our students. They really are what sets us apart from other tutoring services.

Safe and Educational Environment

Our building was made for education. It's not a strip-mall, it's not a chain, and it's not a cinderblock room. The open design and cameras in every room make sure that students are safe and cared for - our goal is to make sure they feel comfortable and welcome every time they step through the door. 

Call today to sign up!

Meet our Homeschool Support Program Director

Kristin Metras

Kristin has a degree in Elementary Education, and she is a homeschool mom herself! She also has 2 cats (Donut and Coffee) and a dwarf hamster (Bear). Positive and energetic, she brings an enthusiasm for learning and creativity alongside her ability to provide structure for homeschooling and e-learning families of the Upstate. 



You call us to sign up

How does it work?


Your student gets their work done 


Everyone breathes easier

1271 S. Suber Rd. 

Greer, SC 29650

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