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Their words...

We don't like to brag.... ok, sometimes we do!
But we don't really need to with reviews like these!

"Paris has had an amazing 6th grade so far - Straight A's! I know Wired Minds has taught her to study better, have greater self confidence and all around more desire to succeed in school. We recommend Wired Minds all of the time!!"

“Blair had been struggling in math. Her confidence was gone, and she had basically given up on even trying. I enrolled Blair in Wired Minds Tutoring. She went from making F’s to making A's & B's. She has seen that she has the ability to do anything. She has confidence now not only in math, but really in all she is doing!”

“My son is currently in the 3rd grade. He has been struggling with reading comprehension. I became very concerned about his difficulties when his MAP results indicated that he was reading on a 1st grade level. I knew it was time for additional intervention, so I enrolled him for tutoring at Wired Minds in January 2012. My son was initially apprehensive about have to go to a tutor, but when he met Brook and Barry they immediately put him at ease and made reading fun for him. My son loves the environment, and he does not want to leave when his hour is up. Today I received a call from my son's teacher. She surprised me with the news that my son's spring reading MAP scores had increased by 30 points. She also shared with me that other subject areas had improved. Brook, Barry and Barry's father — I want to say thank you for a job well done. My son has gained confidence in reading. I have and will continue to recommend Wired Minds to parents who have kids who need additional academic assistance. You have truly helped my son. This is only the beginning to unlocking my son's potentials. I am so grateful for the work you have done thus far.”

"I see a great difference in how happy he is when he leaves Wired Minds. I can see his confidence going way up! Thanks for your hard work! Also, he enjoys coming. He never complains. I would say he even looks forward to it!"

“Nick really enjoyed working with George last year in Spanish. George made the lessons fun — not the same old boring repetition.”

WiredMinds not only cares about the academic mind but also the overall wellbeing of their students. WiredMinds helped my daughter tackle the SAT in her 1:1 tutoring sessions. Her score significantly improved. My daughter now has a full-ride scholarship to Duke University!

Wired Minds Tutoring raised my daughter's grade from a failing grade to a 90 after one session. Awesome! Thank you so much for your professionalism, intelligence, and down to earth personality. Now we are back for help in Spanish. We love Wired Minds.

"I have always been impressed, and I recommend your instructors and services EVERYWHERE! I love you guys!"

“Barry, I wanted to thank you for being proactive in helping Hollie in the eleventh hour of her school year. You could have said that it is too late. Hollie passed by the skin of her teeth with a final grade of 70 in Language Arts and 71 in Social Studies. In fact, I got a call today saying that she needed to take both of those courses in both sessions of summer school to get promoted to the 9th grade. I questioned it, and the lady went back and checked and saw that she had passed. I guess the school administration had written her off too.
It's one thing to be compensated, but another to be appreciated, and I do appreciate it.”

“Wired Minds has been great for {son}. He has had exceptional instructors. It has helped his confidence too.”

"The incredible difference that [Wired Minds Tutoring] has made in my son's improvement and confidence in his mathematical skills and his self-esteem is phenomenal. My son has been tutored at other tutoring programs through the years. The 1-on-1 program which involves the student, parent, tutor and teacher is by far the best program available! Wired Minds is the BEST value for the tutoring dollar---but---please don't raise our rates :) I wish that Wired Minds had existed years ago! Thank you Barry for creating Wired Minds. Children can learn — they need someone like Wired Minds to give them the confidence to try!"

“While my child has never had a big problem with math, She did encounter a stumbling block. Her grade dropped from an A to a B. This does not sound bad, but it was a 10 point drop and it killed her confidence. She started attending Wired Minds and her confidence has soared. And her grade followed.”

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