• Who: Transportation is provided for students from Riverside and Northwood Middle. If you have a middle school student from a different school, we may need to talk!

  • What: Homework can cause stress. Imagine your child getting into the car with no homework left to do at home! How refreshing.

  • When: 3:30 pm - 6:00 pm every day that school is in session.

  • How much: The cost breakdown is as follows:
    Weekly rate = $125
    Monthly rate = $120 per week (a savings of 4% instead of paying for every week at a time)

  • Why: We reduce stress. We care. We help!

We hold our students accountable for the work that they are expected to do.

  • We check their assignments daily.

  • We keep the ratio of students to tutors small – never more than 5:1.

  • We help them with projects, homework and IXL (They have access to more than a dozen computers!)

We love it that our students want to come to our program!  They even have asked to come when there is no school! We care about them and call them by their names! (Not “hey you!”)


If you would like more information or would like to join our team give us a call or email us at:



Call (864) 244-2420 to schedule A Tour or enroll.